20 Things more trustworthy than Hillary Clinton

In some quarters – and in both major political parties – there are those who believe that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won the first debate with her Republican opponent, billionaire Donald J. Trump.

On the surface, Clinton certainly appeared to be the more polished, well-rehearsed of the two candidates. Trump seemed to be on the defense all night long, and others have observed that he appeared to browbeat Clinton at times.

Then again, Clinton is a life-long politician and always sounds rehearsed and scripted. After all, that’s how politicians interact with the public – talking points, narratives and well-scripted responses. Trump, for all of his perceived debate flaws, at least spoke from the heart.

And there is this: No matter what Clinton says or how she says it, the fact is that the woman simply is not trustworthy. Poll after poll, survey after survey, have shown that the vast majority of the American people simply don’t believe much of anything she says. A recent poll from the month of July found her untrustworthy rating skyrocketing to 67 percent.

So, just how untrustworthy is she? We assembled a list of 20 things we think are more trustworthy than Hillary Clinton. In no particular order they are:

• A wolverine with a ‘pet me’ sign
• A mixed drink made by Bill Cosby
• A straight edge shave from Jodi Arias
• An elevator ride with Ray Rice
• A night out with Aaron Hernandez
• Brian Williams memory
• Mexican tap water
• Pinocchio
• The Boy who cried Wolf
• A Nigerian inheritance email
• Harry Reid’s exercise equipment
• An IM from Anthony Weiner
• Anything Nancy Pelosi has ever uttered
• A factory packed parachute
• An Afghan wearing a backpack
• Whatever Bill Clinton’s definition of “is” is
• If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan
• A North Korean trial
• A BIC pen that doesn’t leak
• A tuna fish sandwich left on a city bus for three days






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