‘Secretary Clinton Is A Different Person Than Donald Trump,’ Says Bernie Sanders In Ringing Endorsement

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 by

PORTSMOUTH, NH—Putting aside the policy disagreements and occasional acrimony that marked the pair’s heated, months-long presidential primary election contest, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders offered a ringing endorsement of Hillary Clinton today by stating that she is a different person than Donald Trump. “Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are separate people,” said Sanders, throwing his support behind Clinton in a rousing 25-second speech in which he praised the former secretary of state as someone who has a different name than the Republican nominee and who is altogether a distinct being from him. “Donald Trump is one person and Hillary Clinton is another person. They are not the same person.” Sanders then reportedly concluded the resounding endorsement by stating that “Hillary Clinton is a choice for president,” before exhaling audibly and walking quietly off the stage.

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